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If you are considering a divorce or separation and you and your spouse own a home, then you need to consider hiring a realtor for your divorce. This applies whether you have agreed to put the home up for sale or one of you is going to keep it.

For many couples, the marital home represents their single largest asset and deciding what to do with it has short and long-term consequences for both parties.

That is why it is important to consider all the potential impacts before deciding whether to put the property up for sale or not, and this starts with finding the right realtor to work with.

Why Should I Hire A Realtor To Help Sell My Home?

Putting up a home for sale is a complex procedure and requires time, a knowledge of neighborhood trends and negotiating skills. Hiring a realtor can provide many advantages, including:

  • Help set up the right price: Agents have the most up-to-date access to all the mls listings in your neighborhood as well as information about recent sales of comparable homes.
  • A good agent will market your home aggressively: They will be able to optimize your listing with high-quality photographs and information, will give recommendations on how to stage your home and they will vet potential buyers so you only deal with the serious prospects.
  • Negotiate counter-offers: Once you have found a buyer, your agent will be able to negotiate any counter-offers and track paperwork. Their experience is an asset when it comes to finalizing the agreements, helping you choose the best offer.

What To Look For When Hiring A Realtor For Your Divorce

  1. Your realtor should have divorce experience
    If you are putting your marital home up for sale, you want a realtor who is comfortable with talking about divorce and who understands that the process is a business transaction. They should be able to guide you and your spouse through the difficult conversations and challenges rationally and without bias.
  2. Your realtor must be an objective third party
    If you are getting a divorce or separation, your and your partner’s interests may no longer be aligned. This is particularly true if one of you is keeping the home but can also be true if the house is for sale. Using a realtor that either one of you knows may make the entire situation more difficult and volatile.
  3. Communications must be transparent
    Hire a realtor who is comfortable around divorcing couples and knows how to maintain open and transparent communication with both parties during the sale of the house. While this can be more time-consuming for your agent, it is essential to maintain a smooth and stress-free process.

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