Marriage Counselling

Marriage counselling is a very important service for clients who are encountering difficulties with their marriages and may be considering separation or divorce.

When Should I Seek Marriage Counselling Services?

Couples counselling services are offered to clients who may be considering separation or who are seeking to improve intimacy and understanding in their partnership. Some of the reasons you may seek out couples therapy include:

  • When communication has become negative: Ineffective or negative communication skills can lead to undesirable consequences such as one partner feeling depressed, insecure or disregarded. Couples counselling can provide you with the tools for healthy communication, resulting in strong, long-lasting relationships.
  • When partners don’t know how to resolve their differences: When couples are experiencing discord and are unable to reach an effective agreement on how to fix it, a skilled couples therapist can help guide the conversation to reach a successful and mutually satisfying resolution.
  • When the only resolution appears to be separation: All relationships experience occasional rough patches. However, if these disagreements are being resolved by overnight absences and prolonged separation instead of addressing the problem directly, then it may be time to see a couples counsellor.
  • When you are staying together for the children: If you and your spouse are staying together simply for the sake of your children, it may help to involve a neutral third party. Sometimes staying together may be detrimental to your children and a marriage therapist can provide professional relationship advice, leading to a more positive and healthy outcome.

What are the Benefits of Seeing a Marriage Counsellor?

A qualified counsellor can provide relationship advice, coaching and feedback to help you develop new skills to improve your marriage.

Marriage counselling services can help you:

  • Improve communication and listening skills
  • Learn to make helpful choices and develop the courage to make changes
  • Build and maintain a relationship based on mutual trust and respect
  • Restore intimacy
  • Find a process for resolving conflict.

What can I expect from a Marriage Counselling Session?

Making the decision to go to couples therapy can be difficult and can make you and your partner feel anxious. Knowing what to expect in therapy may help ease any stress you may be experiencing.

Your First Visit

This first couples counselling session is mostly about information gathering so that your therapist can gain a clearer understanding of the nature of your relationships so as to tailor their techniques in a way that works for you and your partner.

Subsequent Visits

Typically, partners will attend the couples therapy sessions together and your therapist will strive to make you feel safe and comfortable when discussing personal issues that may be difficult to talk about.

The counsellor may use a variety of methods to support you and your partner during marriage counselling including:

  • Examining your communication and behavioral patterns
  • Openly talking about difficult matters
  • Encouraging the sharing of feelings and emotions
  • Role play
  • Exploring each partner’s family history

How Long Does Couples Counselling Take?

Good marriage counselling should be strategic, always focused on helping the couple achieve their relationship goals.

A qualified therapist will guide clients through a comprehensive process that will lead to real growth and change, ensuring you are hitting every milestone you need to repair your relationship. While the process may be different for each client, the length of couples therapy is usually determined by:

  • The model being used by the therapist
  • The goals of the couple
  • How consistent the couple is with the therapy
  • The specific needs of the couple

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