Is your relationship negatively impacting your life? Here’s how seeking legal advice from a separation professional can help you finally break free from that toxic partnership.


We all want to feel safe, loved and happy in our romantic relationships but sometimes we can get caught up in a dysfunctional cycle that causes us long-term psychological and emotional distress.

Being in a toxic relationship can affect you on a myriad of levels, negatively impacting your psyche, self-confidence and personal life. However, at times they can also be difficult to identify and deal with.

There are many services available in Red Deer, from couples counselling to professional legal advice, that can help you understand common toxic behaviours and provide suggestions on how to deal with your damaging relationship as well as moving on.

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What is a Toxic Person or Behavior?

When a person or their behavior is called “toxic”, it can refer to many different things. The common element is the fact that the toxic person or their behaviour damages or “poisons” those around them.

There are many different types of toxic behavior. A few common examples include:

Insults & Putdowns
  • Belittling or insulting others
  • Downplaying another individual’s accomplishments, goals or wishes
Controlling Behaviors
  • Manipulating others using guilt, intimidation or other coercive methods
  • Attempting to dictate who another person get to speak to, spend time with and contact as well as what activities they engage in.
Extremely Self-Centered Behavior
  • Lacking respect for others’ boundaries and/or an inability to take no for an answer
  • Playing the ‘victim’ or ‘martyr’ when a problem arises, without considering others’ point of view.
  • Refusing to take responsibility for their own actions
  • Taking advantage of others’ generosity, time or emotional energy without reciprocating.

If any of these signs sound familiar, then it may mean that it’s time to make some big changes.

At Separation Superheroes, we can help you find the services you require in Red Deer - whether it’s legal advice about divorce papers or couples counselling - to improve your relationship or move on from a damaging situation.

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Why Are Toxic Relationships So Damaging?

If an individual is constantly in a toxic situation, the stress can take both a physical and mental toll. Studies found that subjects in toxic or negative relationships had a higher risk of heart problems later in life.

Additionally, when someone is dealing with constant put-downs; mistrust; or other unfair behavior from someone who is close to them, it can begin to erode a their confidence and self-worth.

We’ve outlined a few tips that can help you deal with toxic situations:

  • Understand when a behaviour is toxic
    While some people definitely qualify as “toxic”, even small toxic behaviours can be damaging. This can include a lack of communication, unreliability, and high-drama.

  • Express your feelings
    Effective communication is key if you want to work on and improve your relationship. Let your spouse know openly and honestly that the effect their behavior is having on you is negative and damaging.

  • Maintain healthy boundaries
    Let the person know that toxic behaviour is not acceptable and that you will refuse to engage with them if they can’t interact with you in a respectful manner

  • Consider severing ties
    If an individual is constantly behaving in a toxic manner and refuses to acknowledge your requests that they stop, consider why they are in your life. It may be in your best interest to end the relationship that is jeopardizing your emotional well-being.

  • Moving on
    There are many ways of moving on from a toxic relationship and divorce papers are not your only option. If both parties are committed to resolving the situation, couples counselling can help.

However, in some cases, a toxic relationship may be so damaging that separation is the healthier option. In such cases, seeking legal advice can be beneficial.

A professional divorce lawyer can help you face the emotional and financial challenges of a separation, including serving divorce papers, ensuring you are well prepared for the next chapter in your life.

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