Need help selling your home after a divorce? We can help you select the right Red Deer realtor to assist you in starting this new chapter of your life on the right financial foot.  

Divorce is painful, even when it’s the best option for a couple. When children and a family home are involved, the situation becomes even harder. In addition, as real estate values continue to rise, the complexity of the situation increases.

If you must sell your matrimonial home, it’s important to take the time to examine your priorities and find the right real estate broker, especially given that this is often a couple’s largest asset.

 An experienced divorce realtor can: 

  • Complete the deal as quickly as possible
  • Use their extensive sales experience & knowledge to drive for a better sales outcome
  • Help you make your home more attractive & sellable to potential buyers
  • Relieve the enormous amount of stress that comes from selling your family home

At Separation Superheroes, we can connect divorcing couples with a wide range of services from marriage counsellors to mortgage brokers and divorce realtors to help ease this difficult and trying period for all family members.


Selecting the Right Divorce Realtor

Not every real estate broker is well-equipped to handle your divorce-related home sale. You want a realtor who is sensitive to your unique circumstances and who can effectively move your home, no matter what the market looks like currently.

Two main things you should consider before hiring a real estate broker are:

1. Has the realtor done this before?

Whether it’s a marriage counsellor, a mortgage broker or a realtor, you want to work with a professional who is experienced in the field of divorce and whom you can trust to complete the job professionally & correctly. 

When selling your marital home, it’s crucial to work with a real estate broker who is familiar with divorce sales. This way, they will know how to be sensitive to your needs and be aware of the volatility that comes with this unique situation.

In addition, the realtor will also understand how important it is to get the house sold quickly, while still getting the best offer for your home.

2. Does he/she know how to deal with two conflicting people?

One of the major challenges of selling your family home, especially in a contentious divorce, is that the two parties need to work together yet may have no desire to speak. A good divorce realtor will know how to communicate with both of you without creating any waves.

In addition, the right real estate broker will have the determination to pursue what’s best in the face of emotional challenges but will also avoid rocking the boat and creating more headaches.


Questions to Ask When Selecting Your Realtor

Don’t be afraid to interview a few real estate brokers before settling on your final choice. At Separation Superheros, we can connect you with the most trustworthy and reputable realtors in Red Deer.

Some of the questions you may want to ask when selecting your real estate broker include:

  • How long have you been in the real estate business?

  • How many homes have you sold to date this year?

  • How often will you supply us with listings?

  • Have you worked with divorcing couples before and are you willing to protect my privacy in that regard?

  • Can you supply me with a list of vendor references?

  • How long have you been working in this area?

  • Are you willing to prepare a marketing plan for my home?

  • What is your suggested selling price for my home? How do you determine that price?

  • Will I receive any marketing updates of my property?

Your real estate broker needs to know many things to make a fast and productive sale including the average home prices in your area, state statistics and similar home sales in your neighborhood.

By choosing a realtor who has a vast and established network will ensure that you get your house out there to potential buyers and allows for a stress-free, quick process so that you can start the new chapter of your life as soon as possible.

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