When parents separate, one of the first things to consider is child custody and support to ensure that all your child’s financial needs are met during and after the divorce.

Child custody and child support are two different things but, contrary to popular opinion, often go hand-in-hand with one another.

In many cases, one or both parents are still ordered to pay child support even if they are granted joint custody of their child.

At Separation Superheros, we understand that divorce not only impacts parents, but their children as well. We are dedicated to helping make the joint child custody proceedings as smooth as possible as well as helping you plan for future child care.

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What is Joint Child Custody?

The most common form of joint child custody is when both parents share physical custody of the child, meaning they share the day-to-day child care responsibilities.

However, only one parent has legal custody which is defined as the important decision-making responsibilities including:

  • Choosing and providing for the child’s education
  • Discipling the child
  • Making decisions regarding the child’s medical treatment
  • Determining the child’s religion
  • Looking after the child’s property

Divorce lawyers often recommend joint child custody because it is seen being in the best interest of the child to spend significant amounts of time with both parents after the separation.

What is Child Support?

Child support is defined as a continuous, periodic payment made by either parent for the financial care of their child. These payments can be enforced in the instance of a:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Annulment

Child support payments are often dependent on the type of child custody arrangement that has been awarded to the parents.

How are Child Support & Joint Child Custody Related?

When one parent has sole custody of the child, the non-custodial parent is typically ordered to pay child support. However, child support in the case of a joint child custody is determined very differently.

Some of the factors taken into consideration in a joint custody case when it comes to child support include:

  • Which parent has the higher annual income
  • The number of children living in the home
  • The age of the children living in the home
  • The child’s (children’s) basic living expenses
  • The child’s (children’s) education expenses
  • Whether or not the child has any type of special needs

A divorce lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in the field of joint child custody can help you easily manage your child care and child support agreement.

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Child Care Subsidy in Alberta

To help low-income parents financially manage the costs of child care, subsidies are available for:

  • Licensed day care centres
  • Licensed group family child care
  • Approved family day homes
  • Licensed pre-schools
  • Approved early-childhood development programs.

These child care subsidies are comprehensive and can greatly ease the financial stress of supporting a child during and after a divorce.

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