Why Using the Right Lawyer During Your Separation & Divorce is Key

Everyone who has ever gone through a separation/divorce knows that it’s one of the most difficult times of your life – regardless of whether the decision was mutual, yours alone or initiated by your partner.

In order to successfully navigate this unfamiliar territory, you need to find a lawyer who’s an expert in separation and divorce, and can walk you through each step to ensure your bases are covered and no surprises will spring up down the road.

Before you commit to a separation/divorce lawyer, it’s important to ask questions and, essentially, interview them.

Lawyers offer a free upfront telephone consultation. This is a great opportunity to find out what they can do for you before spending any money. Be sure to ask when the last time was that they helped someone through a separation and divorce and if they have insight into such things as child custody and separating assets. This will help offer a clear indication about their level of expertise specific to separation and divorce.

Don’t go it alone

If you’re considering navigating your separation/divorce on your own, think twice. While you may be concerned about what you’ll have to pay a lawyer, trying to successfully work through a separation/divorce on your own will cost you a lot more.

There are intricacies involved in these proceedings that are best handled by a group of experts working together who have been through this multiple times and know the ins and outs of issues that need to be addressed upfront to ensure this transition in your life runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

For instance, if you own property with your spouse, you’ll need a separation agreement before you can move forward with buying your spouse out of the property. In fact, you simply can’t qualify for a mortgage without it.

There’s a logical set of steps that must be followed to ensure you’re not having to go back to your lawyer to amend your agreement and other documents, as each change will cost more money. Ensuring everything is handled correctly upfront is key to being certain you won’t spend more than you have to throughout your separation and divorce proceedings.

We’re here to help

At Separation Superheroes, we provide access to all the experts you’ll need throughout your separation and divorce in one place. We’ve handpicked an experienced, ethical and competitively priced group of legal, real estate, mortgage, child care and logistics professionals that we’ll connect you with to help navigate through the various components of your separation and divorce.

Contact us today for your free consultation! Answers to your questions are just an email or call away.

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Posted by Brandi Pierik

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