Divorce or separation can be a difficult time for partners and their children and it’s normal for all members of the family to experience:

  • Uncertainty
  • Emotional upheaval
  • Changes in their family roles and rules

Services such as couples therapy or family counselling can assist in the process of redefining relationships and help clients navigate the trials and tribulation of the divorce and separation process.

At Separation Superheroes, we can connect you with some of the most trusted family law offices, couples therapists and family counselling services to help ease this difficult transition and provide any necessary support for you and your children.


4 Benefits of Couples Therapy During a Divorce

When a marriage ends, it can be emotionally difficult for both partners and you may experience intense feelings such as grief, guilt, anger, shame and/or anxiety.

Couples therapy can provide assistance in a variety of ways. Some people may seek therapy to help them decide whether to stay in a marriage or leave. Others may need help making the transition from being married to being single once more.

Whatever your goals, couples therapy can have many benefits including:

Coming to Terms with The Decision

The decision to divorce isn’t always immediate, or even mutual. To prevent any irrational or damaging behaviors, it’s important that both partners come to terms with the decision, especially if you hope to have an amicable separation.

Couples therapy is crucial if you want to develop healthy communication during your divorce and can help both partners:

  • Sort through any lingering feelings (both positive and negative)
  • Stop assigning blame
  • Come to terms with the idea of living apart

Understanding What Went Wrong

Many people associate divorce or separation with feelings of failure. This can take a significant toll on your self-esteem and confidence regarding any future relationships.

Couples therapy can help you correctly process those feelings and gain a clear understanding of the reasons why your relationship failed. This will allow you to heal, gain closure and to move forward without repeating old patterns in new relationships.

Surviving Mediation

After each spouse hires a divorce lawyer and begins the divorce proceedings, mediation is usually the next step. This is important as it allows partners to solve their disputes outside of the courtroom including:

  • Custody & child support
  • Any financial disagreements
  • Visitation rights

However, in order to be successful, mediation requires the full participation of both spouses.

Couples therapy can help prevent any miscommunications during this process as well as identify and solve any old grudges or painful emotions which may eliminate the possibility of reaching a mutual agreement. After a therapist helps each person identify and voice their needs, a divorce attorney can help fulfill them.


Get Practical Advice Involving Your Children & Family

When two people choose to end their relationship, that decision not only affects them but their children, family members and mutual friends.

Couples therapy can help you create healthy boundaries with all parties in your life and assist you as you encounter difficult conversations with family members/friends so that they too can adjust to your significant life change.

Family Counselling & Children

Children are the most important reason to consider family counselling after a divorce. Separation is a difficult, life-changing event and parents should be able to help their children work through it as easily and smoothly as possible.

Family counselling offers many benefits to divorcing parents & their children.

It can help:

  • Parents develop a successful & mutually beneficial parenting plan
  • Create a stable co-parenting relationship
  • Children come to terms with the divorce
  • Children develop proven coping mechanisms to ease the transition
  • Identify and resolve any unhealthy thoughts and/or feelings
  • Lower your child’s risk for emotional, conduct and alcohol/drug problems (especially in high-conflict divorces)

Whether you want to know how to separate in a way that minimizes any impact on your child or are simply looking to strengthen your co-parent alliance, family counselling can help you improve communication and reduce your child’s exposure to unresolved conflict.


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