The period after a divorce can prove to be uniquely challenging, both emotionally and financially. At Separation Superheroes, our qualified divorce lawyers fully understand the stresses associated with marital breakdown. We provide legal marriage advice to families in Calgary to help them weather this difficult time.

The following article provides some inspiration to help you understand three of the biggest challenges that go along with starting over after a divorce and how to handle them successfully.

Create a Successful Parenting Plan

By setting out clear and realistic guidelines, a successful parenting plan after a divorce can help reduce any conflict that may arise regarding your children. It should reflect the interests and needs of your child and should include:

  • Parenting schedules (including any holiday arrangements)
  • Communication between the parents (method & frequency of communication)
  • Settling of disagreements (consider the use of a marriage counselor or divorce lawyer)
  • Health care decisions (consider what you might to do in case of a medical emergency)

A parenting plan should be very detailed yet flexible enough to realistically reflect your unique situation and how well you are able to work with the other parent.

For more information on how to create a successful parenting plan, read the Parenting Plan Checklist

Coping with the emotional impact of a divorce

Divorce can have a distressing emotional impact on both men and women. The loss of a significant relationship can involve a long grieving process working through emotions such as anger, guilt, sadness and loneliness.

3 Simple Steps To Help You Deal With the Emotional Impact of a Divorce

  1. Seek Support
    Receiving emotional support from others is very important so take advantage of available support networks such as close friends and family. You may even want to consider the help of a marriage counselor or therapist in adapting to the major changes in your life.
  2. Allow yourself to grieve
    The grieving period includes a wide range of effective states including sadness, anger and loneliness. Be patient with yourself and don’t be afraid to face your feelings: the releasing of these emotions is normal and healthy.
  3. Redefine yourself
    Divorce requires a redefining of your roles and lifestyle. This includes finding time for new interests, hobbies and activities. Another important aspect of your healing process is to examine your past choices and try to learn from your mistakes.

Supporting Yourself Financially

Divorce is not only an emotionally difficult experience but it can also be a financially trying one. If you aren’t well prepared, a separation can have profound financial consequences on the entire family.

Our experienced divorce lawyers always try to make the separation process as painless as possible while still ensuring you get what you deserve.

However, there are some steps you can take to support yourself financially after a divorce.

  • Banking & Credit Cards: Notify your bank and credit card issuers of the divorce. If you have not had credit cards in your own name in the past, you should consider getting one immediately and begin establishing a credit history for yourself.
  • Beneficiary designations: If you have life insurance or retirement plans that name your former spouse, you will need to update the beneficiary designations. Your divorce lawyer can help you in this aspect.
  • Mortgages and other loans: In the case of a divorce, it is important to notify your lenders in advance. Make sure you understand the terms of any debt you are assuming before the divorce settlement is complete.
  • Privacy: For security reasons, make sure to change all the passwords and PINs for any accounts that are in your name.

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