Divorce Lawyers

Why Using the Right Lawyer During Your Separation & Divorce is Key Everyone who has ever gone through a separation/divorce knows that it’s one of the most difficult times of your life –…

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Importance of Mortgage Brokers & Realtors During a Divorce

Overview The process of splitting your life is difficult. Separation often means dividing assets, time with children (if you have them) and even mutual friends. One one of the more important…

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Calgary Real Estate Broker

Top Questions to Ask Your Divorce Realtor

Need help selling your home after a divorce? We can help you select the right Red Deer realtor to assist you in starting this new chapter of your life on the right financial foot.    Divorce is…

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4 Benefits of Family Counselling For Divorcing Couples

Divorce or separation can be a difficult time for partners and their children and it’s normal for all members of the family to experience: Uncertainty Emotional upheaval Changes in their…

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Everything You Need to Know About Child Custody

Reaching a child custody agreement is one of the most complex aspects of a separation. Separation Superheroes can connect you with the most trusted lawyer services and child care options to ease this…

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Strategies For Successful Co-Parenting After a Divorce

Overview Co-parenting, sometimes referred to as joint or shared parenting, is the experience of raising your child as a single parent after a divorce or separation. While raising kids across…

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Spousal Separation Mortgage: What You Need To Know

With over 5 years in the mortgage industry and countless transactions, I’ve seen it all.  When 100% of my clients first meet me, they are under the impression that life is not going to change, and…

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Telling Your Child About Your Separation

A divorce can be extremely tough on children. A couples counselling service can help show you how to lend comfort - not confusion - to an already difficult situation. Anyone who has been through…

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 Child Care Subsidy

Joint Child Custody & Child Support

When parents separate, one of the first things to consider is child custody and support to ensure that all your child’s financial needs are met during and after the divorce. Child custody and…

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Red Deer Marriage Counsellors

What is Toxic Behavior? How Do You Move Past It?

Is your relationship negatively impacting your life? Here’s how seeking legal advice from a separation professional can help you finally break free from that toxic partnership. Overview We…

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restraining order

Getting a Restraining Order During Your Separation

Divorce is a difficult and emotional time and, in some unfortunate cases, can bring out the worst in people. Our Red Deer divorce lawyers fully understand that, although many times this…

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Nicki Pike Mortgage Solutions Red Deer

An Introduction to Nicki Pike

My name is Nicki Pike, and I am a mortgage broker with The Mortgage Group. I want to share my personal experience of separation and divorce and how the concept of Separation Superheroes came to…

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separation agreements

Everything You Need to Know About Divorce

Separation and divorce is a challenging time for families and a major step for everyone involved. It is a time when you require  support, guidance and legal advice about what is involved within the…

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joint child custody and family counselling red deer

Talking To Your Child About Divorce

Explaining Divorce To Children Divorce can be a difficult and challenging time for all involved, particularly younger children. When going through a separation, it’s important to explain the…

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Divorce Lawyers Family Home Red Deer

What To Do With The Family Home In a Divorce

If you are getting divorced, one of the biggest financial decisions you will face is what happens to the family home and joint mortgage. Hiring a knowledgeable divorce and/or real estate lawyer…

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Joint Mortgage & Divorce

Dealing With A Joint Mortgage After Divorce

Dealing with a joint mortgage after a divorce is a complex process and can become even more taxing when individuals are dealing with the stress of separation. Knowing what your options are can…

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Red Deer Divorce Tips

How to Face The Financial & Emotional Challenges Of a Divorce

Dealing with divorce and separation is not easy. Often, it is a complex and emotional process that involves questions about critical things like division of property, child custody and spousal…

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Separation Agreements

How To Create a Separation Agreement

Overview The two main ways to obtain a divorce or legal separation are: Settlement through negotiation (with divorce lawyers and/or mediators) Via trial in court How you choose to…

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Calgary Divorce Lawyers Separation Agreements Marriage Counselling

3 Challenges After Divorce & How To Handle Them

The period after a divorce can prove to be uniquely challenging, both emotionally and financially. At Separation Superheroes, our qualified divorce lawyers fully understand the stresses associated…

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